Nourishing mothers and babies through damn good food and nutrition.

Pregnancy and postpartum are the most nutritionally demanding times in a woman's life. belly2baby provides meals to replenish, and satisfy you during this incredible phase. Our meals prioritize the vitamins & minerals needed for mom & baby to thrive.

Holistic nutritionist, health-supportive postpartum chef, recipe developer, and Jersey girl living in LA. 

My approach to cooking is to create delicious, nutrient-dense meals using high-quality ingredients that leave folks feeling satisfied.

Hi! I'm Karlee.

Services designed to meet you where you're at.
 From DIY to full service meals, you'll find it here.

Private & group in-person or virtual cooking classes to learn nutrient-dense pre or postnatal meals.

Customized pre & postnatal meal plans. Designed to optimize macro & micronutrients for mama & baby.

Postnatal meals tailored to your dietary needs. Crafted with the mama & family in mind. LA only.

There is a lot of information out there and some of it is conflicting. Karlee began advising me when I was 8 weeks along and made me feel confident about the choices I was making.

The meals Karlee made for my husband and me to eat after giving birth to my twins were truly life-saving! Recovering from my birth was hard, but knowing that we had delicious, nourishing food  every night made things much easier.

Karlee was a great resource for nutritional advice during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and with my newborn. Karlee is professional, timely, thorough, and knowledgeable!

9 powerful postpartum foods

Grab your copy of belly2baby's 9 favorite postpartum foods (plus the why & how) here! This resource provides details on some foods to prioritize during first few weeks at home with your new addition.

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