I love connecting with people, and my favorite ways to do so are through sharing food & laughter.


A bit about me: I have a B.S. in dietetics; am a trained health-supportive chef; certified prenatal, postpartum, & infant nutritionist; recipe developer; food stylist; & founder of belly2baby. As the daughter of a midwife mom & home chef dad, it's no wonder I've found this passion in life.
I love sharing food that looks, tastes, & makes you feel amazing. Outside of the kitchen, I spend my time exploring the world & loving life with my fiancé.

Hi! I'm Karlee.

My dedication to nutrition through food stems from my belief in prevention, rather than reaction. The fuel we put into our tanks matters, especially when creating new life. A mama’s nutrition carries through many generations.

Prenatal, postpartum, and infant nutrition are the foundations of preventative nutrition.

There is a lot of information out there and some of it is conflicting. Karlee began advising me when I was 8 weeks along and made me feel confident about the choices I was making.

The meals Karlee made for my husband and me to eat after giving birth to my twins were truly life-saving! Recovering from my birth was hard, but knowing that we had delicious, nourishing food  every night made things much easier.

Karlee was a great resource for nutritional advice during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and with my newborn. Karlee is professional, timely, thorough, and knowledgeable!

Prenatal, postpartum, & infant nutrition are preventative nutrition. Let's set a strong foundation.

fun facts

I’m simultaneously an amateur florist & comedian, I love a board game, I am a social butterfly, exploring every national park in the US is high on my bucket list, podcasts > music, chicken cutlets are my fave food.

9 powerful postpartum foods

Grab your copy of belly2baby's 9 favorite postpartum foods (plus the why & how) here! This resource provides details on some foods to prioritize during first few weeks at home with your new addition.

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