Setting a good foundation for mama & baby starts with food. Let's make something delicious and nutritious together.

the services

Chef-nutritionist-crafted recipes, meal plans, and cooking classes to take the guesswork out of how best to prepare for the transition from belly to baby.

postnatal meals

Not so into cooking yourself? In a pinch right before baby comes? belly2baby will stock your fridge and freezer with nourishing meals to support you and your family in the days and weeks following birth. Los Angeles. $350.

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Cooking classes

Cooking classes that can be taught virtually or in-person in your home. Learn to make simple, delicious meals that are easy to recreate and packed with the nutrients you & baby are craving


1 on 1 nutrition consult

If you're just looking for guidance on what to eat, why, and how this is the perfect option for you. We'll go over, in detail, your specific situation and needs and create a plan to help you thrive.

Tailored, 1:1 services to support your specific needs

Research backed nutritional advice you can trust.

Genuinely delicious food & recipes that serve a greater purpose

There is a lot of information out there and some of it is conflicting. Karlee began advising me when I was 8 weeks along and made me feel confident about the choices I was making.

The meals Karlee made for my husband and me to eat after giving birth to my twins were truly life-saving! Recovering from my birth was hard, but knowing that we had delicious, nourishing food  every night made things much easier.

Karlee was a great resource for nutritional advice during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and with my newborn. Karlee is professional, timely, thorough, and knowledgeable!

9 powerful postpartum foods

Grab your copy of belly2baby's 9 favorite postpartum foods (plus the why & how) here! This resource provides details on some foods to prioritize during first few weeks at home with your new addition.

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